In a month or so…

This blogger will be saying goodbye to working at home and will most likely say hi once again to the corporate world!

Corporate Life

I’ve been working at home for the past six years already and it is scary to think that I will be saying bye-bye to the comforts of a home-office. But I need to. I am sure that other bloggers like me who made a living off it full time (in my case I also made consultancy a full time work on the side), are now thinking of other ways to earn what with the declining income from blogging these days. I am also down to a single client with my consultancy sideline so it’s really time to go back to the rat race I was once in.

It would have been ideal for me to NOT go back to the corporate world and just open a business of my own. Maybe concentrate on something else. But I still have some things to settle financially before I can declare total financial freedom!

Oh well, I have sent my CV to different companies. I am just waiting for a call and I’ll be off to join the race again.

One comment

  • hi Sasha! Would like to make a suggestion. I’m wishing goodluck to your comeback to the corporate world but would like to suggest why dont you make an ebook with what you have written in this blog so far? In your various post there might be a topic that needs expanding that you can write it in a n ebook format and that you can sell that online 🙂 while you are working in the corporate world…. just a suggestion 🙂