Choosing the name Sasha

When I began blogging in 2004, I had every intention of being anonymous. My main reason why I wanted to blog was to rant and rave about my life. Mostly rant actually. So why would I reveal who I was when I would be sharing specific stuff about me? But, of course, one cannot blog without a name, right? I thought and searched and I found the name Sasha. It’s from an animated cartoon show that I saw on TV and perfect timing as I wanted a name close to my real one.

So when I opened my very first blog, I used Sasha as my name. From then on, other bloggers, visitors and casual commentators in my blogs have known me as Sasha.

But along the way, I got closer to some bloggers, I revealed my real name to them. I met them and, of course, I introduced myself not as Sasha but the real me. Some still call me Sasha even though they already know my real name and I don’t mind. I think I will keep on using Sasha for as long as I blog.

One comment

  • wow. unlike you, when i first had that urge to blog, i do not have the intention to be that anonymous which i sometimes resent but cannot undo the whole thing anymore. i can say there are pros and cons to every decision. 😀

    i had never met in person a blogger except for one which was actually accidental.