Blog contests

I don’t know if you have noticed it but there’s an increase in blog contests nowadays. For a couple of weeks now my Facebook feeds as well as my Twitter timeline have been flooded with links to numerous blog contests. Some of my blogger-friends have either joined already or are promoting it so I keep seeing their updates on both social networking sites. Whenever I get to visit other blogs (which is very seldom due to recent events that happened in the family), I also see a lot of posts on contests initiated by other bloggers.

Hey, I joined those of my friends, too!

Most of these contests entail nothing more than following bloggers on Twitter and liking Facebook pages. Some require a tweet, a Facebook update and a blog post. But it’s really relatively easy to join so it’s no wonder a lot of bloggers and non-bloggers alike join.

The only thing is that after the contest is done, you are left with Facebook pages and Twitter follows that you barely know and truly like. Since you really can’t unlike and unfollow afterwards (you can but shame on you if you do that!) you are stuck with it. What to do then?

And I have never won any blog contest yet!