Malware in WordPress themes

Two of my blogs were branded as attack sites by Google. When I tried opening it in either Chrome or Mozilla Firefox browsers, a warning saying that “your computer can get a virus if you proceed to open the site” was displayed on screen. So what I did was I checked with Bluehost what caused the malware and I found out that the WordPress themes those two blogs were using had a change in codes that cause the .htaccess files of my blogs to change.

I was relying on the themes to be free of any malicious codes but it turned out that it could be a gateway for hackers to access your sites. So I am warning all of you bloggers and site owners out there to be careful with the themes you use. Do not just change themes without checking first if the theme has a loophole to it causing an “attack” to your site to take place.

Anyway, here’s what I did to my two blogs to get rid of the malware in it. Removing the themes won’t be enough. You have to uninstall and reinstall WordPress to your domain and wait for a day for the malware warning to stop showing up on browsers. Of course, before you uninstall WordPress from your domain, make sure you have a copy of your posts and comments by going to your admin page and exporting all of it via the tools section.

If you did all of it and the warning still shows up, you have to ask Google for a review of your site via Google Analytics.

If you’ve experienced a similar issue, let me know what you did and how you were able to get rid of the malware warning associated with your site.