Looking for a new custom theme.

I am currently shopping for a new custom theme for this blog of mine. I am no longer satisfied with the themes I have including this one. This is my very first custom made theme and I got this for a bargain. But if you are passionate about your blogging like I am, you can surely relate to what I am feeling right now. Dissatisfied and antsy to change this theme to something else.

I am checking out some free themes from trusted sites I’ve bookmarked but it’s the same feeling of dissatisfaction. I don’t know exactly what I want for a new theme but as soon as I see it, I would know right away.

When I am feeling restless about something in my life, I divert my attention and focus on changing something else. Since I am in front of my laptop 90% of the time, I tend to focus on my blogs. It’s easier to change a blog theme than to change something big in your life. Right?

Happy Wednesday!


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