New WP theme update: Not now :-(

I wrote about looking for a new theme for this blog. I want a new one as this old one, as well as the previous one I used, no longer appeals to me. I want something new! I want a new one that will inspire me to write and write again.

So I found a blog designer willing to work with me on the theme I want. Just a simple one, nothing fancy for me.

Unfortunately, when I was ready to move forward, my budget was cut. I had to pay for an important expense for the little girl’s school so I told the blog designer to cancel my order. I felt bad as I already contacted her and I know that her creative mind already began working out the details in her head.

Anyway, it might take me a while to get that kind of budget again. I am getting antsy about changing my theme so I might work on a free theme and just work on it myself. Tweak a bit, get a free header, and then use it while I am saving up for the custom WordPress theme I want.

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