Old blogger friends

It’s good seeing blogger friends of mine. I am no longer as active in social activities as several years ago. Priorities change thus the change in my level of participation in blogging activities. I used to be an active blogger but these days my participation is limited to some memes, blogging contests and comments exchange challenges.

So whenever I get to see an old blogger friend in person, it gives me so much joy to reconnect with him/her. I like reminiscing about the good old times when there were only a handful of us active in money making blogging programs. And when there were only a number of us blogging day in and out. I also love the feeling of still knowing the person really well through the blog entries he/she has posted over the years. It’s like time stopped and it was just yesterday when we last saw each other.

I just feel sad that most bloggers I was close to are no longer blogging. I guess, like me, their priorities changed and blogging no longer has a place in their lives.

One comment

  • i feel this way, too, that the bloggers that i love visiting and exchanging comments do not blog anymore. though some of them are still maintaining their blogs, the exchange had become infrequent. it’s like saying blogging’s just a fad and it’s dying. 🙁