Deteriorating GLOBE Telecoms service

I don’t know if it’s only in our area but my siblings and I have been noticing that the cellphone signal of GLOBE Telecoms in our area is always fluctuating. Can you imagine being without signal when before it’s always full bar inside our house?

We noticed it a couple of weeks ago. There was a day when GLOBE was out of signal. We couldn’t send text messages or make calls. We ignored it and, anyway, there was no special thing going on so we just shrugged it off. But after that day, we would find our phones without signal from time to time which is very unusual for a GLOBE line.

We are worried because GLOBE is the only network with a good signal at home. We were formerly SMART subscribers probably almost a decade ago. But we got tired of always missing calls and text messages so we switched and have been satisfied until this issue we now have with the fluctuating signal.

I wonder why this is happening. I know for a fact that GLOBE is a good company so this deteriorating GLOBE Telecoms service is really worrying me.