Anti-Cybercrime Bill

The House of Representatives passed the newest version of the Anti-Cybercrime Bill (HB 5808). It is also known as the Cybercrime Prevention Act of 2012 which includes online threats and online defamation as cybercrime offenses. The Senate had the old version of the bill Anti Cybercrime Bill (Senate Bill 2796). The House of Representatives and the Senate will consolidate both bills into one and will be passed into law after approval of the president.

Now, cybercrime not only includes online intrusion, hacking or illegal use of network resources but online libel as well.

For those found guilty of online defamation, penalty will be a minimum of Php500,000 and a maximum of 1M pesos plus jail time.

I am still vague about this bill because on one hand it will curtail the freedom of speech we bloggers have. But on another hand it will at least give us bloggers and other online people a rule to follow and a leash so as not to abuse the online freedom we are given.

What do you think of this Anti-Cybercrime Bill?