Belittling bloggers

I don’t know why some people would love to resort to belittling bloggers when they get cornered for something wrong they did. I am not only talking about the “esteemed” Senator Tito Sotto here. There were also other personalities in the past who belittled blogging and bloggers.

I have been blogging for more than half a decade now and I must say that I have seen how blogs evolved from just personal online diaries to important web sites where people can be updated by what’s happening around the world. Oh, I am not saying all blogs are like this. Of course, there are splogs (spam blogs) out there but I don’t think that’s enough reason for others to belittle bloggers, right?

You’re just a blogger. Or he/she’s just a blogger. It’s just a blog.

We are a force to reckon with! We can unite for a cause. Most companies nowadays go to bloggers for help in spreading word about what they have to offer. Even politicians ask the help of bloggers in their campaign. I think that says something about bloggers and blogging, right? That bloggers are not just to be dismissed as inconsequential.