Traffic in the Metro Manila


I went to Thailand for an 8-day vacation last August 26th to September 2nd. My sister and I stayed in Nonthaburi first since she had to go to training for her company before we went to Bangkok.

During my stay in Thailand, the one thing I noticed was that they also experience bad traffic jams there. Just like here in Metro Manila. Cars not moving. A 15-minute ride turning into 25-30 minutes. But you know the difference of their traffic jams versus the ones we experience here in Metro Manila? The Thai people don’t need traffic enforcers to right the traffic! The drivers follow traffic rules so even though there is a jam, the cars still move after a very short period of wait.

I was actually scratching my head thinking why there were traffic jams when obviously majority of the drivers follow traffic rules. You know what I learned? Owning a car is very easy for their citizens that almost all of them have cars of their own! That’s why there are traffic jams even if their main roads have five to six lanes! And here’s another thing, their U-turn slots are mostly bridges so it takes a while before you reach it.

No traffic enforcers and yet cars are moving, albeit slow, but still…

We really discipline on the road!