Frustrated over a lot of things

I normally can’t control my frustration especially if it concerns our government. I just feel like there’s something that can be done on all the problems the country has but those in position aren’t doing anything or enough to solve any of it.

And then there are political dynasties and celebrities running for the coming 2013 national elections…

I’ve been reading the names of all the actors, actresses, and other well-known personalities who will be running in various local positions in the government. My head is aching from the absurdity of it all! Can you imagine a young man who’s only claim to fame is being the son of a well-known actor (now a senator) and actress (a local official in her province) running as a vice governor? Does he think he will just go on dance numbers, acting auditions and a photo op here and there? Sure, his parents might already know a thing or two on what he’s supposed to do but does he really know? Or will he just rely on his political ‘advisers’ to tell him what to do? I am sure the latter will be the case. I am also very disappointed with this actor who hasn’t even held any position in the government and then all of a sudden will be running for a top post in the provincial government where he’s supposed to be residing with his family now. Ha! You are all making me laugh!

I salute you people! You really have the ‘heart’ to help the citizens of this country. You could have used your star power to help the Filipinos choose their officials wisely but no you have to go and run yourselves because you all want to ‘help’.