The Varsitarian, RH Bill and the rest of Thomasians

Let me clear something up…

Whatever that editorial in The Varsitarian says, it doesn’t necessarily represent the rest of us Thomasians who are pro-RH Bill!

Just recently, The Varsitarian, University of Santo Tomas‘s official student paper, printed an editorial calling out professors of Ateneo de Manila University and De La Salle University who professed their support for the controversial Reproductive Health (RH) Bill. They called those professors cowards in not so many words.

Of course, an ‘uprising’ from those supporting the professors and those from the said rival universities spread around the internet! Who wouldn’t be pissed with what the editorial said? I won’t go into details anymore. You can easily read the editorial yourself so you can form an opinion about it.

The point of this entry is this: people who got pissed with the editorial have been calling out Thomasians for it. Not all but some have come out and insulted us. I may not be a student of the said university for more than a decade now but I am an alumnus and I am mighty proud of my alma mater! So you can’t blame me for being mad about those calling out even to us who didn’t even know who wrote that darn editorial! It’s like calling everyone stupid in the Philippines just because one or a handful of its officials have done something dumb. There’s even one tweet I read wherein a guy said “kaya nasasaksak eh!” (no wonder [the student] got stabbed!) That UST student who got stabbed in the FEU campus is already a victim, making fun of what happened to her because of the editorial is making her a victim twice over which is really mean of that guy!

Let me just say this once and for all. Not all Thomasians are pro-RH Bill! I am pretty sure not everyone in The Varsitarian is pro-RH Bill and is happy with the editorial. I am not happy with that editorial and I am pro RH Bill! So stop calling out the whole Thomasian community for that editorial. We are not ONE in that stand!

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  • Mai

    I agree, I guess it’s just how it was said and how they claimed that the whole university supported the Church and it’s stand regarding the RH Bill.

    I also would like to apologize for that rude comment made by a former classmate. It was below the belt, regardless if it’s a joke or not.