Vote wisely in May 2013!

I think I will create a campaign in this blog to vote wisely come national elections on May 2013. I think it’s about time we learn from our past experiences, don’t you think?

Are we really going to vote for the same politicians who promised us one thing and did another, or for most of them haven’t done anything at all?!?

Are we really going to vote for a whole family of politicians, husband, wife, children and in-laws? Goodness gracious! We’ve had these political dynasties in the provinces and tell me one province that prospered because they had one in theirs.

Are we still going to fall for the same BS these politicians, new and old alike, will undoubtedly preach calling out to the high heavens on how good their intentions are?

Are we going to be swayed by song and dance numbers, beautiful faces, (paid) celebrities campaigning for them, and declarations that they also came from poor families regardless if they have diplomas showing they attended well-known schools (and not as scholars!) and they speak with twangs?

Let’s vote wisely on 2013!