Schemes by the criminal minds

These days, getting a wireless security systems, a CCTV to be exact, for your home and business is a must. If there are other security gadgets you can invest in that you know will protect your home and love ones, think about getting one. There are so many schemes being employed by the criminal minds that I am sure you want to be safe and secure from.

I don’t know if you were able to watch the news report about a house help being victimized by the notorious Budol-Budol Gang. A caller pretending to be her boss sought her help in getting the jewelries and money in the safe. The help, fearing her boss was in dire situation and really needed her help went and broke the safety deposit box’ lock. She got all the valuables in it and met up with the caller who’s supposedly her boss. You know what happened next. The criminal got the valuables from the help. That easy.

Lesson learned? Install a security system over the place(s) at home where your valuables are. Or a monitoring system if you know your house help is still not sure what to do in emergency situations like what happened with the Budol-Budol Gang victim. What’s investing in a security system when you know it will save you from more harm, right?