Do you check your kid’s Facebook account?

It doesn’t matter that there’s an age limit in creating a Facebook account. All a minor has to do is change the year of his/her birth and that’s it! I am sure most of you parents out there are aware that your minor kid has a Facebook account, right? If not, go check and I am sure he/she has one!

Now, if you already know your kid’s Facebook account, make sure you check the photos in it. Is your kid posting an inappropriate photo? Is he/she exchanging photos with a stranger (who could be a pedophile or a sex offender for all you know!)? Check it now!

There’s this teen I would like to talk some sense to. She keeps posting photos of herself showing skin! I am pretty sure her goal is to make her boyfriend (who is also a minor like her) drool over her ‘sexy’ photos. Ugh! I am not sure if her dad sees the photos but if he does, I hope he tells her to delete it. What is she thinking?!?

Go check your kid’s Facebook account now. You’d be surprised what photos and updates he/she is posting there!