School activities

Holland costume

The little girl is in first grade this school year. She and the rest of her schoolmates will be celebrating the United Nations festivities this coming Saturday. All the first grade students in her school will be wearing traditional Holland garb and we have to buy her costume tomorrow to prepare for the school activity.

You know when I was in grade school there were also a lot of extracurricular activities that I was forced to participate in. I am also aware of the fact that extracurricular activities are good for the mind and body of the students. It’s socialization and a practice on how to be an active part of the community. But in this time when the economy is down and money is hard to come by, I do believe that school administrators should be aware of the economic status of their students. Not everyone can go and buy a costume for the UN festivity. Not all students can go and spend money just to participate in an extracurricular activity. There are priorities that parents should be thinking of and I know too well some of those parents are forced to spend cash meant for paying a bill on their kids’ school activities because they don’t want their kids to be left out. It would have been okay if the UN festivities is the only special occasion the school will hold. They already held other festivities and the kids spent money there as well.

In my opinion, schools should hold less of these activities and focus more on academics. At least three or four festivities with less expenses for the parents would be great.

What do you think?