Backup and upgrade

For the past several hours now I’ve been backing up the databases in my cpanel. I’m also in the process of upgrading all WordPress installations in all the blogs under my hosting. In the past, it would only take me a few hours to do all these. Three hours at most.

But as three other fellow Bluehost users have been noticing, the web host has been acting up. Loading of pages has been slow. Downtime is at an all-time high. There was one downtime that took more than 15 minutes and when I asked, I was told there’s a server maintenance going on. It would have been okay but after that maintenance, downtime has still been occurring on and off.

I’ve been checking other web hosting providers. My subscription with Bluehost will be up first week of January next year. I have a few more weeks to think about whether I will renew my subscription or not. But as I haven’t really seen a provider as flexible as Bluehost, I am wary of transferring all the blogs I am hosting under my account.

Any suggestions?

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