Typhoon Pablo

My heart really goes out to all those people affected by typhoon Pablo. It was so heartbreaking when I saw the devastation in the news last night! My eyes just couldn’t believe how a peaceful province like Compostela Valley, a place we normally don’t hear in news, was now destroyed. Houses, buildings, agriculture… all destroyed by Pablo! And those towns in Davao Oriental… words cannot express how devastated those towns are! Wiped out should be the correct description to those three towns. When it was shown in the news last night, it looked like a hurricane or tornado and not a typhoon happened. It was just so sad.

Then there’s those who died because of the typhoon. So many people died, injured, and are still lost…

It’s just 18 days before Christmas. Instead of buying something extravagant for ourselves, maybe we can donate some of what we have to the people affected by typhoon Pablo.

They badly need our help!