Two bosses/bullies

Why do you have to bully your subordinates?!? To show them who’s the boss? Is that it?

I know two bosses who love to bully their staff…

She would insist on having every one eat lunch together at a restaurant of her choice.
She would ask a staff to pay for her meal for the meantime and she would just pay later on. She never did.
She would get envious over little things that she believes to be brand new and would insist to have the same one even if you tell her that you bought the thing like four years ago!
She would make her staff go to the office even on weekends just because she felt like spending her weekend there. No, there are no reports to submit or deadlines to beat. She’d make you do work that you can do on Monday.
She loves raising her voice even in front of other persons. She loves to call out your name like a queen calling for her slaves!

And the list goes on.

If you have a staff and you are reading this post, learn to treat them like equals. They are persons, not robots, and they have feelings, too. Treat them with respect and they will respect you back.