Choosing domain names

Domain Name. How important is it? Do you know that in this virtual world, your domain name is your address. You can direct your family, friends, and those people you want to know you to your domain. For businesses, this is your virtual business address. So you can just imagine how important a domain name is.

When I was just starting in professional blogging, it took me weeks to think of a suitable domain name for my blog. I was thinking of something that will be catchy, something that will easily be remembered when bloggers will think of me. Thus, was born.

I have other blogs and the domain names of those blogs are well thought of. I spend hours, days thinking of an appropriate name for the blog I have in mind before I go and register one. Now, if you have a domain name in mind, either for a blog or a web site, think about it first. Remember, you are stuck with it for a year when you register it. Plus, there are some who will associate your blog to that domain name already and when you change it, it will lose its identity. Remember that before making a decision to register a domain name you have in mind, okay?