Struggling to find a niche.

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A blogger-friend of mine suggested that I find a niche for this blog. In the beginning, it was like a thorn on my side. I couldn’t stop thinking about it. I wanted this blog to be so much more so I want to please the handful of readers I have. But since I had so many things I wanted to post here, I would publish one generic entry after another. I mostly focused on personal stuff thus this blog became a general one.

Another blogger-friend echoed the sentiment of my old friend who suggested about the niche. She said that I would get more out of this blog if I find my niche. I actually wanted this blog to focus on my online work as well as current events. That’s what I did for a while. But then again I would find myself posting about positive reinforcements, little inspirations not just for myself but for everyone reading this blog.

It will most likely stay this way for me. A generic blog which has a sprinkle of current events, national and international issues, reviews, and some stuff about my online work. That’s it!