Procrastinating much!

What’s the worst thing that’s ever happened to you as a result of procrastinating?

It was back in 2006 when I lost a lot of money because I procrastinated. I had to write three reviews that time. Two reviews were worth $40 each, if I am not mistaken, and the 3rd one was worth $250. Yes, you read it right! Two hundred Fifty In US Dollars!

I was given 5 days to write the reviews but since I was also swamped that time doing one thing after another, I kept postponing writing the review. It was fairly easy as it involved a review of a real estate site in 200 words or more. Not much requests from the advertiser but just to make it neutral. Imagine my frustration when I realized it was due that day the internet connection in the office went bonkers! I was going crazy over not being able to connect and write a quick review to be edited after I submit the link.

It never happened. That amount of money went down the drains. Just because I opted to postpone something I could have done in minutes!

What a waste!