Changes I made.

changeI have so many ideas running in my mind I don’t know which one to focus on first. Ha-ha!

Anyway, I am writing this post to just let this frustration out of my system. I need to vent out a bit so that after I let this all out, I can go back to normal. Or at least a semblance of what’s normal to me.

I used to be very active in the blogging world. Mostly, I bloghop, make friends, rub elbows with the blog ‘authorities’, and be on a first-name basis with majority of active bloggers like me. Things changed when my focus shifted to creating other blogs. I became a bit of a recluse. I chose a handful of bloggers I remained in contact with. In short, I stupidly ‘burned bridges’!

At first, I didn’t mind. I was earning big bucks. I had my handful of close blogger-friends who truly matter to me and with whom I really would like to be friends with offline. But later on, specifically two to three years later, I realized just how stupid that move I made cutting off communication with the ‘authorities’. I could have been a better blogger had I remain friends with them. I could still be active in the blogging world and probably become a relevant one. Better yet, I could have been in on so many things happening in and around the blogosphere! There’s so many things happening I doubt if I can still ‘penetrate’ the circle I used to belong to.

Change can sometimes be good, and bad. In my case, it’s a 50-50 thing. I earned a lot from my self-isolation and at the same time I isolated myself too much I lost so many potential income sources.

I become really sad when I think about it.