A higher income beginning this month.

Truth of the matter is that I need to earn a higher income beginning this month. I want to save up for the future not only for myself but also for my dad and one of my younger sisters (who is bent on staying single for the rest of her life!). I want to make sure that we have more than enough saved in the bank so that when the time comes that we can no longer work, we have more than enough to tide us until our last breath. That’s how much I want to earn and save up!

Going back to the corporate world is beginning to be more and more appealing to me. I haven’t worked in an office setting for the past seven years now. Close to eight, actually. I haven’t had a boss for that long and it’s been me, myself and I all along. But since I want a higher income, and I can no longer get it because the lord of the net is bullying us bloggers to submission, then getting back my old job might be the solution I need.

Another option that I am looking into is to go work abroad. Although this is the least of the options I have that I want to choose, it is still a more viable option to me considering I will be earning a currency higher than the local one. But being far away from the family will make me not only homesick but also worried sick of what might happen at home if I am not there.

If the lord of the net is not bullying us, I wouldn’t have this dilemma right now. Ugh!