Not a bank account

My cousin needed a loan. And he went to ask one from me. I told him that I don’t have the luxury of lending money now as I am preparing for the next semester of my brother’s college tuition fees. I thought he understood perfectly what I said to him. Until I heard from my dad that he was hurt because I did not even lend him some money when he badly needed my help. Tsk tsk

This is the problem with relatives who think I am a bank account. So I called up my cousin and explained things again. I then suggested that he get a cash advance loan instead. In the end, I convinced him to try other avenues first before going straight to relatives. Better not to bother them if there are alternatives that you can explore first.

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  • Hello there!
    I could soooo relate with that. Learning to say no is a must sometimes. When I still have lots of money, I always say yes… but now that life is harder and sometimes what we have is not even enough…family first before others.