Operation: Prep for 2014 is on!

We now have a little over a month before we say goodbye to 2013 and 2014 says hi. I have so many plans for this coming year including being better organized not only in blogging but also in my personal life. So as a way to prepare for the coming year, I am launching a project called…

Prep for 2014

Operation: Prep for 2014 is my way of preparing my blogs, as well as my personal life, for the coming year. But I am not going to discuss my personal plans here. I will be talking about blogging and how I am preparing my blogs for the coming year.

First off, I am checking old links across all my blogs. It’s not easy, you know. We’re talking about years of hundreds of entries I’ve written and published. Good luck to my eyes after this! Ha-ha! I am also going to check broken links and missing photos. And duplicate entries, if there are any.

I am going to do all these to make sure that I am ready come January 1, 2014!