Regularly change passwords.


That’s what I am going to implement this year on all my accounts. I will change my passwords every now and then. In very important accounts such as web hosting account, blogs, and primary email accounts.

I recently experienced getting my web hosting account hacked and it was a major concern for me considering the sites hosted there are not only mine but also of some friends. I couldn’t very well let it sit there just like that so the minute I found some irregularities in one of my sites, I double-checked all the sites and the cpanel as well. It was a tedious process and one that I don’t want to happen again.

long passwords

Do you agree?

So, as one of the precautions I am undertaking in securing all my accounts, I am going to regularly change passwords and will do a sweep of my cpanel for anything suspicious that needs triple-checking. I will use longer passwords to make sure it will be harder to guess, hopefully. And I will be more vigilant, more so than I did last year.

Change your passwords. It just might save you from a huge headache, you know.