Twenty Fourteen theme used.

A couple of years ago, I commissioned a Malaysian couple to do a customized WordPress theme for this blog. They were not yet the popular design duo that they are now so the fee was minimal for a customized theme. I was able to afford their services.

old theme
The old customized theme of this blog.

I wanted a new theme for 2014 so I checked their current rates and I immediately backed out. I cannot afford their rates anymore! I understand, of course, that they are popular now and, well, it’s been years so I thought instead of checking out other similarly pricey customized themes, I’d just use a free one.

I upgraded to WordPress 3.8 and the free theme that came with it was the Twenty Fourteen theme. Since I cannot customize the header and sidebar colors, I checked a child theme and found one that I can fully customize to my liking! And voila! A new theme using my old header!

What do you think?