Further cut?!?

I am sorry I have to let this out. I need to vent so bear with me.

I know that it is my choice to join a certain program, receive jobs from them, and the corresponding fee for it. They get a cut out of the fee I am getting for each job and it is perfectly fine with me. It is a choice I make each and every time I accept a job.

But to find out when they pay you that they are letting you bear the fees when they already got a cut out of the payment you are getting is a bit unfair to me. The fees are minimal, yes, but I am just disappointed that they are making a further cut out of the little income I would get!

Just disappointed. I used to get my payments without any fees deducted from it. I don’t know why for the past couple of months they’ve been using a mode of payment where there are fees involved. And then they will make me ‘suffer’ because of it. Ugh!