Coming to an end?!

You what they say, some good things must come to an end. And no matter how much you struggle to keep it going, at a certain point you will have to relinquish control and give up. Because the end is in sight and you really can’t do anything about it anymore. It is beyond your control.

The good old blogging days of mine is coming to an end. I can see it already. No, I won’t stop blogging. Ever! I will be old and gray but I will still be a blogger. But this profitable blogging journey of mine is coming to a close, and pretty soon, I believe.

Bloggers like me have to thank G00gle for The End. With their recent updates, it made us impossible to earn anymore. Fewer and fewer advertisers are risking their search engine rankings buying posts from small time web owners like us. Well, thanks to the penalty they are being threatened with they are not risking it if it means the lord of the internet will punish them for it. Sigh.

I am sad that my profitable blogging days might end soon. Blogging has served me well and I’ve been really happy working from home and being with my family while earning a living. A part of me is excited as well. A new journey is on the horizon and I can’t wait to see what the future brings.