Pleasing personality job requirement.

Have you noticed how some job advertisements would mention that the applicant should have a “pleasing personality”? Most jobs where a person needs to be in front of clients most of the time require this. Pleasing personality. Do you have one?

I am reminded of a job I applied at when I was into my third or fourth year of working as a corporate rat. I was applying for an accounting post so I was wondering why it had a requirement for a pleasing personality as the job actually entailed being in the corner of the office completing financial reports. But you know what? When I got the job, I realized that a pleasing personality is required even for back office posts because each employee represents the company. How can one represent it when the employee doesn’t even embody the ‘quality’ of the company itself?

So, make sure that you have one. It doesn’t mean you have to go all out in the beauty department but, hey, tony of beverly can help you give your looks a boost.