Not just pets…

A friend of mine posted something on Facebook about being concerned with her pet dog. She said that her pet dog is not doing well and that it’s stressing her out because her dog is not just a pet to her but also a family member now.

I can relate to her predicament. My pet dog Chihuahua got really sick a couple of months ago. I thought it was the end for her because even her vet told me to bring her home so she could rest well and not be stressed anymore. The vet told me that there’s very little chance for my pet Chi to get better because her kidney and liver were not functioning well anymore. I took my pet home and made sure that what I thought was her remaining days here on earth be spent in a perfectly comfortable bed in our living room.

You know what I did? I took her out of her normal diet. I changed it to rice and steamed chicken strips. I used apple cider vinegar. I made sure to make her drink the kidney capsules the vet gave me. After a couple of weeks of that diet and personal care from me, voila! My pet didn’t need to take in posatex otic to get well. Her bloated tummy slowly deflated. Her overly red orange urine started changing to its normal color. And she became energetic again!

Pets are not just pets for some people like me. They are already family members and when one gets sick, expect us to move heaven and earth to make them well again.