Why Jersey Barriers are Commonly Used for Traffic Control.

For the past several decades, concrete barriers have been common sights on America’s streets and highways. These barriers which are extremely strong are commonly referred to as jersey barriers. While there are many different styles, lengths and widths in general use across the country, all these barriers have one common goal and that is traffic safety.

Jersey barriers are extremely durable and long-lasting, making them ideal to use in traffic. These barriers can very effectively slow down and re-direct traffic as well as stop a vehicle that’s out of control. Jersey barriers feature an upward slope that provides a pivot point for a vehicle that is out of control which can prevent a fatal accident from happening.

Many companies use these concrete barriers in parking lots as dividers. Apartment complexes routinely place these barriers in strategic locations to keep motor vehicles off pedestrian walk-ways. Construction sites often make use of jersey barriers to secure the perimeters for the safety of workers and the public who passes through. Organizations and local governmental agencies often place jersey barriers on-site where large events will be held. These concrete barriers help keep order, direct traffic flow and help keep people on foot safe when entering and exiting events of all types ranging from concerts to park dedications.

One of the main reasons jersey barriers are so popular is that they are maintenance-free. Once these barriers are positioned into place, they can be forgotten about completely as they can stand up to the roughest treatment and the most inclement weather. While very simple in design, there’s no doubt that jersey barriers will continue to be very common sights across the United States as they are by far the most effective way to control traffic and to keep order.