In between projects.

I was able to talk to a high school friend of mine about a week ago. He is also an accountant like me. He is very busy with several ongoing projects at the moment. I was lucky I caught him at the right time, he was just online to check on musician friend because his wife asked him to. Anyway, I asked how he was and he told me that he’s never felt so fulfilled in his life. His work is doing great and his marriage is in its seventh year. Everything in his life at the moment is fine. He couldn’t ask for more except…

Well, he told me that he could do with mini vacations in between his projects. There are days when he goes home so darn tired that all he could do is kiss his wife goodnight and go directly to sleep. Not once did he find himself wearing the same clothes when he wakes up the next day. Good thing his wife is a very supportive one and she understands the demand of his work so she would just shake her head at him before asking him to make sure not to repeat it. She doesn’t want him to get sick when he sleeps sweaty from the commute home.

I told him that he and his wife take advantage of weekends. They should plan their mini vacations in such a way that two days are more than enough. I also told him to stop himself from bringing work to their home so that he won’t find himself working even when he’s supposed to be resting.