A lifestyle change.

I’ve been reading one status posted after another by a friend of mine in Facebook. She is in the process of changing her lifestyle. She works in a fast-paced environment and lives a pretty decadent life. It took her a while before she realized that she’s working and partying herself to death! If she wouldn’t stop the kind of life she’s living, she will just keel over and die from the abuse she’s doing to her own body and soul.

So, a lifestyle change is in order for her. She begun by getting her hair cut pixie style. It was a symbolic rite of shedding off the old lifestyle she had. Then, she did a general cleaning of her flat. She threw or gave away every item that she felt would only lead her back to her old life or would hinder the change she’s about to do. She raided her refrigerator and gave away food that she won’t eat anymore. She’s making a leap to healthy eating. She also got a outremer fragrance from smallflower.com just to inspire her to continue pushing herself to become the better version of who she is now.

Onward to a lifestyle change! I wish I can do the same.