A background check is a must.

Landlords need to keep in mind that however in a rush they are in finding their newest tenant, they need to do a tenant background check on their prospects. There are good and bad tenants. You don’t want a bad tenant, I am sure of it.

Let me tell you a personal experience narrated to me by my paternal aunt. She has a house and lot that she rents out. It is located a little bit outside the city and is modest in size. A friend of hers recommended a couple who rented the property from my aunt. They were highly recommended so my aunt said yes right away, without asking for any employment or income information from the couple. After a couple of months, problems began. They couldn’t pay the rent anymore so they asked for a discount which my aunt gave just to get payment from them. Even with the discount, they still couldn’t make rental payments. And then when, finally, my aunt politely told them that she really needed the rental payments she could get out of her property and if they couldn’t provide that they should vacate the premises, they left the property trashed. My aunt didn’t get five months worth of rent out of them and she had to pay for the renovations done on the property.

This should serve as a lesson to landlords out there. Do not skip the background check. It is a must! If you can’t do it yourself, use a service like Tenantify. It’s easy. Just sign up online, request information from your prospective tenants, let Tenantify verify the information given, and wait for the detailed results. Then, you can make a decision, but not before you have the results in your hands.