Getting to grips with online gaming: Where to start

While the phrase, ‘online gaming’ may once have conjured up images of hardened gamers, complete with headsets, vibrating control pads and virtual-reality goggles, these days the term covers a far wider spectrum of hobbyists. More people than ever are using online gaming as a form of escapism, turning their backs on the fast paced world of 3D gaming and big budget graphics in favor of something altogether different.

Why should you head online?

‘Serious’ console games and online platforms are big business still; there is little doubt about that. However, there has been a sharp increase in the number of people, both men and women, who are turning to slots and online bingo sites. According to BBC News, in the UK, women in particular are choosing to game in their droves, attracted by the friendliness and gentle competitiveness of bingo. It’s a great way to meet new friends and have a good time; akin to a night out without the hassle.

So why is online bingo, in particular, so popular? With its big incentives, friendly advertisements and inviting loading screens, bingo sites can often seem far less threatening than the more ruthless and competitive, console and online games currently available. Bingo, slot machines, poker and similar gaming sites also offer players a recognizable format with which to play. Bingo is a game that has existed for many years in physical form, making it easy to learn and play online.

Top tips for gaming online

Choose your console. If you already have a laptop, PC, tablet or smartphone, you are likely to have some idea of the games available to you. Other consoles, such as the X-Box One or PS4, cost a little more, but offer greater gaming options if you’re serious about trying out a new hobby.

Becoming involved in the world of online gaming can be daunting, so start small. There are numerous titles for smartphones, tablets and similar devices, all of which provide a great introduction into the world of online gaming. Find a game, such as poker or bingo that you feel most comfortable with and see where it takes you.

Make sure your computer or console is compatible with the game you wish to run. Some sites, including online bingo or card game platforms, may require you to upload or update Flash Player, Java or Shockwave programs.

Keep it quick; the best way to get into online gaming is to choose games and sites that can be accessed during a coffee or lunch break, or in the evenings. Rather than starting with a game that requires total concentration and submersion pick a light strategy or casino-style game that you can dip in and out of. You’ll soon find your interest growing.

Setting ground rules is particularly important if delving into the world of online bingo, slots, poker, or similar. It can be easy to lose several hours, not to mention hard-earned dollars, if you’re not careful. Your new gaming hobby is supposed to be fun rather than draining.

Remember, online gaming should be fun. The enjoyment of gaming comes to everyone in a different way, but the fundamentals of the pastime are the same. If you’re not enjoying a particular gaming experience simply move onto try something different.