Christmas gift ideas to put the spark back in your relationship

During this time of year, everyone is struggling to come up with the perfect gift ideas. You want to find something good for you wife or girlfriend, but you also want it to be a surprise. You want something that will flatter her and suit her personality, and you’d like to make her feel excited about your relationship. Perhaps you’ve thought of getting her something intimate to wear, but how would you go about it?

Why choose lingerie?

Most women own a few favorite items of lingerie, but nothing ever feels as special as something new—and the right choice will make your relationship feel like new again. High quality lingerie is something many women love but feel silly about purchasing for themselves, so receiving it as a present is a real treat. Receiving flattering lingerie will also let the woman you love know that you think she’s beautiful.

The basics

The first thing you’ll need to know when buying lingerie for your wife or girlfriend is her size. A lot of lingerie is sold as small, medium, large or extra large, but if you’re not sure, you might sneak a look at the labels on some of her clothes so you can note the sizes listed there. As a note, many women own clothes in two or three sizes, depending on the style; in this case, just use the average. Bust size can be a little trickier if you can’t find a bra to check. One useful trick is to think of celebrity shapes. Kate Moss is an A cup; Paris Hilton a B cup; Salma Hayek a C cup; Mariah Carey a D cup; and Kelly Brook an E cup. Without a precise measurement, it can be difficult to buy a bra or corset that will be sure to fit, but this approach will be fine for things like slips, camis and lace-up bustiers.

If you don’t really know where to begin and you feel awkward at the thought of walking around a lingerie shop, shopping online gives you the chance to look through lots of different outfits without anyone giving you odd looks. Look for customer recommendations and reviews to get an idea of the quality of products, and think carefully about fabrics – silk, for instance, both looks and feels much better than nylon. Remember that your partner may not react well if she thinks you’re trying to dress her up like a porn star, so don’t go for the most outrageous things unless you’re sure that suits her own tastes.

Looking good at Christmas

There’s another way to give the lady in your life a treat with lingerie, and that’s to buy something sexy for yourself. These days you can view super sexy male lingerie online and check out the latest fashions. You don’t have to have a great body to look good in it—it’s just a matter of choosing a style that suits your shape. Once you try wearing something exciting, you’ll understand why lingerie is such a good gift. Finding the perfect lingerie is a wonderful way to spark up your relationship and really celebrate Christmas in style.