Traffic jam all over the metro!

Wow! It seems like every Filipino is out in the streets doing some Christmas shopping or going somewhere. EDSA has become one big parking lot! The MMDA is doing everything they can to alleviate the problem but my guess is that there is just too many vehicles out in the streets and not enough space for them to go through. Double parking in almost every side street is also a big problem. Side streets can be used as short cuts/alternate routes but since small streets can only accommodate one lane due to double parking, traffic jams are also the result.

You can’t go anywhere without being stuck for hours in traffic!

My sisters and I went to Divisoria, the cheap shopping mecca of Metro Manila, last Saturday morning. We were two blocks away from the 168 Mall but we got stuck in the middle of a traffic jam. We stayed on the same spot for close to 30 minutes before a traffic aide appeared and helped with getting the vehicles move.

I am no traffic expert but my suggestion is to use every available employee of the MMDA this holiday season. There should be at least one MMDA per number of meters and tow every damn vehicle parked on side streets! Another suggestion is to limit ownership of cars. A family of four should not have three to four cars because one should be enough for them and two is already convenient.