BEWARE of Blog-for-Bucks!!!

I know several bloggers have been contacted by either Michelle Go, a certain Skylar Sinclaire or now, someone using the name Jean Carrey. They are offering link orders at $5 per link for a monetizing program named Blog-For-Bucks ( I was able to do link orders for them in another blog of mine. My sister was able to do one set of orders for them. Both payments were delayed but it was okay. The delay was just over two weeks.

Then my cousin did 3 links for them. After he submitted the links to Skylar, he was promised payment after three weeks. Fine with him because there are other programs paying a month after. The day of the supposed remittance, he did not receive any payment, not even an email explaining why they cannot remit payment on that day. After two days, he emailed Skylar asking for an explanation why the $15 (YES, FIFTEEN FREAKING DOLLARS!) was not yet remitted to him. No email. Nothing. After a few days, another email. And then he sent an email directly to blog-for-bucks via their submission form on their homepage. No response. NOTHING.

And then I thought of emailing Michelle Go because she was the one who contacted me before. I received a response two days after from Jean Carrey (notice the similarity of the name to a famous Hollywood comedian). She said that apparently, Skylar resigned already and they cannot access his email. Yeah, right! Skylar is using so you know right away that they can easily manipulate this email at their cpanel. Jean/Michelle is using a gmail account (

I am just angry on my cousin’s behalf because for $15 they are shortchanging him of what’s due him. And you know what, my cousin emailed them SEVERAL TIMES! I don’t know what kind of a company this Blog-For-Bucks is but I tell you, BEWARE OF THEM! Sa $15 nanloloko na sila ng blogger, what more kung mas malaki pang amount!


Latte shot

I am thinking of different categories for this blog. Something akin to what Lorelle has. Only 4 main categories. I might have more than that, but what I currently have.

The first category I thought of is CAFFEINE FIX. This category will be a catch-all for those entries I cannot put under the specific ones I am thinking of.

Is your head aching, brain hurting and your body just not cooperating? A good caffeine fix will do you a world of good.

Good conversation is as stimulating as black coffee, and just as hard to sleep after.
– Anne Morrow Lindberg

Internet speed

I am so darn tired of complaining to my service provider about my internet connection speed. You see, I am paying for up to 1258 kbps internet connection speed. My local provider is Bayantel. For a few days now, I have noticed the decline in the speed of my connection. I noticed that it takes a while before a blog loads that normally loads faster before. I complained at Bayantel’s customer service and they reset the modem. After that, the connection speed improved but after 30 minutes or so, it declined once more. And even right at this very moment, the connection speed I am getting is 1/6 of the speed that I am paying for. Let me just stress this one… I pay on time! There were months that I even paid in advance because I don’t want any hassle with my internet connection as this is the life of my work.

I complained again last night about this. And do you know what? All this time I did not know how to check my internet connection speed until the kind CS told me about this website…

Test your Internet connection speed at

They should have told me this a long time ago! I was relying on them to make sure everything was working fine. All this time, there are hours in a day that I am getting a measly portion of what I am paying for. This pisses me off big time! Wait until I get really mad at them and I will go to their office to give their officer a piece of my mind.Anyway, I have asked that a technician from Bayantel schedule a check up of my modem and other things related to my DSL connection. If the situation will not improve, then I will say goodbye to Bayantel. Any local DSL provider that you can recommend?

If you are experiencing the same slow connection and is doubtful about the internet connection speed that you are getting, check out because it will really give you an accurate speed of your connection.

*Note: This is not a paid review.

Blog tool

Most bloggers I know would certainly need this tool… Word count. If you are monetizing your blog, you know why.

Before I discovered this website, I used MS Word in counting the number of words in my post. I am sure for those who are typing their posts in MS Word before transferring it know this: Tools – Word Count. But I write down my posts directly at my blog admin. So I just open another tab in my browser and key in the word count tool web site.

Try it.

Blogroll me!

As I have said in my previous post, I will be doing a Blogroll clean-up pretty soon. I am still in the process of ‘renovating’ this blog. And one of the projects I am currently working on is some Blogroll Linky Love for my loyal visitors and readers.

I also have a few requests for Blogroll link up. I also need to reciprocate some link ups I got. I will do that when I get back tonight. I am about to go out and accompany my sister somewhere so later would be a good time to do link ups.

Anyway, if you want to exchange links with me, then just comment in this post and I will get back to you tonight.

Later 🙂

It’s been a year now…

I was blogging for over four years now. I started with bravejournal, moved to blogspot and then to my everdearest akoni blog. I was already blogging for a couple of months already when I thought of getting my very own DOT COM. And so was born. It was actually May 8, 2007 when I registered this domain name but my blog went up on the 10th of May. It has been a roller coaster ride ever since. I met a lot of bloggers, became friends with most, lost some along the way and have gained some more. I gained numerous sisters, a tatay, an inay, a mouse(y) friend, a lot of titas and ates and kuyas…

Most of all, I have gained my stability and freedom with this blog.

And oh, the contest and everything new with the blog will be posted on Monday 🙂

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