Rainy Friday

It’s the end of another day for me. My day ends before 6AM everyday. I work at odd hours and have found myself to be productive during these times. I was able to drop EC and do some posts. I am still wide awake, my sisters are listening to the radio regarding suspension of classes. Both teachers are going to school today.

I wonder why our weather bureau and the Department of Education can’t decide right away whether to suspend classes or not. The PAGASA can’t even predict the weather accurately! What kind of weather equipments are this government agency’s using?!? Today, June 5, 2009, all elementary and high school classes in the NCR are suspended, both public and private. DepEd made the announcement at 5:20AM! I hope the kids are still at home and have heard the announcement by now. Heavy rains will pour around 8AM according to PAGASA.

Be careful everyone! Happy rainy Friday! :)

Confirmed cases of A(N1H1) virus in the Philippines

There are now 21 cases of the dreaded Influenza A(N1H1) virus in the Philippines, according to the Department of Health (DOH). One foreign exchange student from the De La Salle University (DLSU) has been confirmed positive with the virus, causing the temporary shutdown of the campus. Another person was confirmed to be positive. This time, it’s from the Asian Development Bank (ADB).

The good news is that, 11 out of the 21 cases are now cured (Source). In fact, 5 of the 10 confirmed cases who came into contact with the Taiwanese mother and daughter have been discharged from the hospital already.

I hope this virus will be contained soon. Please be careful and boost your immune system. It’s flu season here in the country right now. Rainy season and all. Get a flu shot. It might not totally prevent the virus but then it might help your immune system. Ask your doctor about it. My sister and my brother are getting one next week. We will do everything to help our bodies fight the various diseases spreading around. You should, too.

No longer active

I remember I was once active in various blogging activities here in Manila. I even attended an iBlog event. I met with fellow bloggers, some even coming from abroad. I would travel to the province to meet up with bloggers I often interact with. I was really active back then.

I don’t know why all of a sudden, I got tired of it all. I stopped attending. I stopped seeking blogging events to attend to. It probably has to something to do with these people I avoid. The high and mighty ones who feel like they are the authority in blogging in the Philippines and whole Filipino blogging community. I was once excited to meet these people. But I no longer have the desire to do so.

I now choose what blogging events I will attend. I have also kept some blogger friends, those that I meet with from time to time. I am no longer that excited blogger who skips every time there’s a blogging event or meet-up. Wonder why I became like this. It might have something to do with that “baseless accusations” of some people. Hmm…


UPDATE: I finally did it! After some tweaking, nervous twiddling of thumbs and a lot of praying, all my posts are now back up! Yey!

It’s already 3:31AM. I’m off to sleep. Will be back later for more updates 😉


I made a major boo-boo when I was cleaning my archives early today. I accidentally deleted some posts! So what I did, I took out one of my database backups and restored it. Everything went fine. Yey! I got back the deleted posts…

But then I noticed that the posts I got are only up to March 2009. I have to get back the other posts. No problem, I exported my newer posts and will only have to import it. Then the bug hit my blog! For some reason, it won’t accept files! I have to change the maximum allowable file to be uploaded to more than 2MB but the php.ini file won’t show up. I tried uploading the modified file to a demo blog and it’s still the same.

I will put up this blog again despite some missing posts. I hope I will be able to remedy this problem within the day. And I hope no one will flag me for the missing posts :(

I don’t know what’s up with WordPress but it’s been acting up since the release of the newest beta version. Does it have something to do with it? Have you been experiencing weird things lately with your WordPress blogs?

Credit card billing complaint

Another one for the books…

My aunt called me up last night around 11 PM. She was foaming mad with a major credit card company here in the country. She got her bill yesterday and was only able to see it last night. She noticed that there was a double posting of an amount she incurred when she went grocery shopping. She immediately called up the credit card company’s customer support and reported the double posting. Guess what the guy rep told her…

“Ma’am, just pay the amount and we’ll see what we can do.”

My aunt was so shocked that she asked the guy rep if he’s serious. And he was! The amount my aunt was complaining about is 9,000 pesos. Not a paltry amount, especially with the state of economy now.

My aunt called up a bank officer that she knows and she was told to just make a formal complaint letter and to fax it to the billing department so they can check.

If nothing will happen to my aunt’s complaint, I will post here the name of the bank and credit card company. Again, local companies should make their customer service better. Improve your after sales service if you want return customers!

Reliable and affordable web hosting service

More and more bloggers and enterprising individuals are looking for a reliable web hosting service they can get their hands on. A web host plan that is not only reliable but also affordable and guarantees 99% up time. Let me introduce to you Bluehost.com, a web hosting service I’ve been with for more than a year now. So far, I can say that I am satisfied with their service. Here are a few of the features of this web hosting service:

What I love about this web host is that yes, I’ve experienced down time in the past. But then the longest was a 20-minute downtime due to an upgrade in their SQL version. I am not that techie but using Bluehost is a breeze for me because of their 24/7 live chat support.

If you are interested in trying them out…


I can safely say that my life became easier with Bluehost.com :)

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