Technorati Authority

The Technorati Authority has been fluctuating like crazy for the past few weeks now. It has become unstable. One day you get a really high authority. The next day it drops down by 5 or more points. I wonder what’s happening. I have been experiencing this fluctuation for quite some time now. Not just with this blog but with my other blogs as well. It gets frustrating when you really look into it. I ping my blogs and if there is no change at all, I email Technorati support. But well, it happens again and again.

Have you noticed this one as well?

Independence Day

Tomorrow will be the Philippine’s Independence Day. It is supposed to be a holiday but due to GMA’s holiday economics, the holiday was moved to last Monday. Since last Monday was a holiday, it was a long weekend here in the Philippines. I am sure a lot of people went out and had fun.

Wait! Aren’t we supposed to celebrate Independence Day last Monday? Or will you just do it tomorrow?

Don’t forget to raise your flags and show everyone you are proud of our country.

Happy Independence Day to all the Filipinos out there!

Out of sorts

Please bear with my 2-day absence from Entrecard dropping. I have been taking care of my brother’s college school supplies and is quite busy with last minute shopping. Yesterday, we were out to visit my mom’s grave. Since it will take us a bit of time to visit her grave because of school and work, we opted to go visit her yesterday, being a holiday and all. Tomorrow, my brother and I will be going to buy him school shoes. Last Sunday when we went to the mall, he did not find anything to his fancy so we’ll be off to hunt for the pair of shoes tomorrow.

Normal EC dropping will resume by tomorrow night.

Have a great week everyone!

Weekend snapshot

I will not be participating in this week’s Weekend Snapshot. I have a lot of things to do and there was no time to shoot and all. I will be joining by next week and will be posting pictures of my new place here at home. We will be buying a new desk for the laptop and the desktop tomorrow and will be arranging my stuff a bit. I have a lot of files lying around and I have a bit of a mess here.

Anyway, I will show you my new “work place” here at home in my next WS entry. Till then…

Entrecard Drop List

I drop cards everyday. I try to maximize the 300 drops limit of Entrecard and almost always, I reach it. But well, I am sure just like me, you also get disappointed when your drops are not reciprocated. So I am making my very own Drop List. I am hoping that the list I will create will have bloggers who really embrace “U Drop I Follow”.

Please leave your Blog Name and URL at the comments section of this entry and I will include you in my list. I assure you I will visit you daily 😉

This list will be for my three blogs: Sasha says, My Own Utopia and Splotches.

That would be 3 drops for you already.

If I reach the 100th blog, I will create a file that you can also use (if you want) to make dropping easier for you. You only need Firefox and your bookmarks folder and you are good to go.

Upgrading to WordPress 2.5

Bluehost’s Fantastico does not have yet the latest version of WordPress. I have yet to upgrade to the latest version, I am still using WP 2.3.3 which is really great with uploading photos in your posts. I have read mixed reactions to WP 2.5 that’s why I held off upgrading. Sure it looks a lot sexier than the old dashboard but I don’t know. My other blogs are already using the 2.5 version but I find it confusing than the old one. Or maybe I haven’t explored it yet.

Anyway, let me know your thoughts on the latest version.

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