Another rotten ISP company!

I had my Global Destiny cable internet connection cut. Permanently! The service is BAD! If you are thinking of getting their services, please don’t. Ask someone from your neighborhood if they are subscribed to the same service and ask them if they are satisfied with it. If yes, then try getting their services. But don’t say I didn’t warn you. They can’t give you a decent internet speed, even in the wee hours of the morning when there are only a few of you using their service.

I’ve emailed them, called them up, to complain about the speed. But it’s still the same. I tried them for a couple of months. And I tell you, I haven’t gotten a break from them! Always the same below 200kbps speed. Imagine that! I should have just gotten a dial-up connection! Cheaper and there are times when the connection becomes faster. Also, you should know that they don’t have a 24/7 customer service representative on standby. Oh, they will tell you they have. But believe me, your fingers will get numb from dialing their numbers again and again and it will only ring and ring and ring.

I don’t know why you can’t get a decent service from these internet service providers. Or is it just my rotten luck that I get to subscribe to these rotten DSL companies? Probably both!

Reliable and affordable web hosting service

More and more bloggers and enterprising individuals are looking for a reliable web hosting service they can get their hands on. A web host plan that is not only reliable but also affordable and guarantees 99% up time. Let me introduce to you, a web hosting service I’ve been with for more than a year now. So far, I can say that I am satisfied with their service. Here are a few of the features of this web hosting service:

What I love about this web host is that yes, I’ve experienced down time in the past. But then the longest was a 20-minute downtime due to an upgrade in their SQL version. I am not that techie but using Bluehost is a breeze for me because of their 24/7 live chat support.

If you are interested in trying them out…


I can safely say that my life became easier with :)

You’ve got mail!

One of my pet peeves is finding an email inbox filled with unread messages. My friend, Tim, knows that. After I boot up my computer, the first thing I do is check my emails. I use Gmail and it remains open until I go offline. Right now, I only have 3 unread messages. These messages are new and remains unread as a reminder that it needs to be acted on soon.

When I was in Baguio more than a year ago, I kept asking Tim to open my email account and check for new messages. So if I don’t reply to your email, that only means I am either really busy or I haven’t read it yet.

Maynilad Water 24/7 Hotline 1626

Our water supply is being serviced by Maynilad Water | This past weekend, we experienced water interruption when there was no announcement made that there would be one. Water interruptions are announced on the daily news program Balitanghali on QTV-11 and we always watch it.

Anyway, so the whole Saturday, water supply was cut off. My dad called up Maynilad Water’s 24/7 hotline 1626 to ask why there was water interruption in our area. There are several constructions near our neighborhood and my dad was worried that a water pipe was hit or something. He reported it and a customer service representative promised to get back to my dad about the water interruption. Unfortunately, the CS was a badass one who reneged on his promised and never returned my dad’s call or even reported it to concerned Maynilad people. My dad didn’t get the name of the CS. The next day, we experienced the same thing. My dad called up again and this time, the CS he’s able to talk to was a good one. She made a report and asked my dad to call back again should the problem persist after 24 hours. The CS did her job and water supply is back to normal now.

Today, I heard my dad talking to someone from Maynilad Hotline 1626. Someone from Quality Assurance (QA) most likely because he asked my dad about the call he made last Sunday and if he’s satisfied with the way the CS handled the call and his complaint. My dad was very generous in her praises of the CS who, to be fair, really did her job.

Let me just take this opportunity to tell the rotten DSL companies in Manila to follow this kind of example from Maynilad Water’s 24/7 Hotline 1626. THIS is the correct way to operate a customer service operations. When a client calls to report something, someone from the QA department or those people monitoring calls, if they even have it, should call back the client and ask for feedback. Most especially if your QA notices that a client kept on calling again and again to complain about your rotten service! This is how American companies being serviced by local call centers handle customer service. Because if you don’t know it, customers keep the business going. A happy customer is a repeat customer! Now, if you just let your CS department do their own stuff without even any monitoring done, then do not be surprised if there are many angry customers like me blogging about your services!

Calling Bayantel and Global Destiny! Sana naman gayahin niyo ang Maynilad Hotline!

By the way, you can also contact Maynilad Water customer service through email at or through their web site listed above.

Comment on Rotten DSL-ISP Companies in Manila

I got this comment a few minutes ago…

Author : Mike (IP: ,
E-mail :
Whois :
Bloggers, you all think you own this world eh, what are you American? hahahaha, What do you expect from 1,200 monthly bill. You want a better and faster Internet then get a business line or get a cable internet from Skycable,oh i forgot bayantel own skycable. If you dont like there service then dont pay them, thats it. Peace V_^_^_v

This was left in my post about Rotten DSL-ISP Companies here in Manila.

Before anything else, let me tell you this Mike… YOU are one of the reasons why we are getting rotten DSL connections in Manila! You don’t tolerate so-so service. ALWAYS!

Okay, let me reply to your comment Mike or whoever you are…

First off, I wonder why you haven’t left a legitimate email address so I can respond to you directly. Is it because you are also Vincent Dimaculangan of Bayantel DSL??? Your IP address is definitely from Bayantel! Hmm… Or are you someone he sent to comment here?

Anyway, to address what you said…

“Bloggers, you all think you own this world eh” – No we don’t! We temporarily own a piece of the virtual world through the domains we buy and hosting we pay for and we make use of it.

“what are you American?” – If I am an American and not a Filipino I can own the world???

“hahahaha, What do you expect from 1,200 monthly bill.” – A freaking better service than what Bayantel DSL gave me! Did you read the entries I wrote from start to finish? Did you read the rotten customer support they provided??? Did you??? Or you just commented without reading???

And let me ask you this… When you get a service, pay for it using money you earned from your blood and sweat, do you tell yourself that hey, I am only paying 1,200 pesos, I better expect a rotten service from them! Do you??? If you do, then you better have your head checked! Even if you pay freaking 10-pesos per month only, you always, ALWAYS!, expect a better service! You don’t tolerate bad service because it will give the company bad ideas about customer service! Read that??? And you may have 1,200 pesos lying around month after month that you can throw away in BAD DSL CONNECTIONS, but I don’t! So don’t expect me to just take everything in stride when I am not getting my money’s worth!

The rest of what you said is addressed in my previous post. So better read it. From top to freaking bottom!

You are making my ears steam!!!

Rotten DSL-ISP companies here in Manila

What is it with companies here in the Philippines? Only a handful are giving excellent service to their clients! You have to complain again and again before they will give you a better service. YOU HAVE TO BLOG ABOUT THEM FIRST TO GET THEIR ATTENTION!

Instead of giving excellent service on the onset, they will test you first. See if you will complain and assert your rights. See if you really know what you are in for. If you complain, be assured you will somehow get a better service! If you keep silent, you’re done for!

That’s what happened to me with Bayantel DSL. I had to blog about my constant complaints. All I was asking was a technician to check my internet connection, a feedback on when their service will become stable, something from someone other than the customer service reps that I talked to. Nothing. Nada! When I blogged about it here, that’s when someone higher in their customer support emailed me, another one called me up. Imagine! Do you have to raise hell before you will get a decent response from companies around here? BAYANTEL, do your clients need to air their grievances online before they can get anything from you???

Do you know that after this issue with Vincent Dimaculangan (who belatedly called me up to offer his services, and direct line when he could have inserted that in his email and conveniently deleted it!), a Dennis Cruz called me up and offered to assist me personally and to send technicians here, as well as his direct line as well. I declined because I had every intention of terminating their services already. What for??? After all the headaches, when I was done talking to them that’s the time they will send over technicians (notice the plural use of the word)? After over a month of requesting assistance, when I was already fed up that’s the time they will offer their assistance???

And then, wonder of wonders, they can give you a decent service after all!!! I am now getting a very stable internet speed from them. I couldn’t believe it! I was supposed to have their service terminated tomorrow but my Global Destiny DSL connection is acting up since Day 1. I wasted a chunkful of cash for my Global Destiny ISP connection when I can get back the service I was getting from Bayantel before! Tignan mo nga naman ang kapalaran! Tsk tsk tsk

From one palpak company to another! Mga bulok na DSL companies in Manila! Nakakahiya naman sa akin kasi gumastos ako nang todo to get Destiny’s services yun pala mas worse pa ang Destiny! $%#^#*@@!

If Destiny won’t give me a better service, I will raise hell more than what I did with Bayantel. They can expect that from me! I am the best hell raiser this side of QC kaya they better make sure I get a stable 1MBPS that they promised or else………..

I work hard for the money I pay for their services. All I am asking is a decent service in return. Mag-load ka ng Youtube video it will take you forever to complete the buffering! Load a page and it will take you an eternity to see the full homepage! Ano ba yan????

Paging that Jen I talked to. And Global Destiny, kick out your lazy tech support!

Oh yes, Bayantel DSL, you can laugh all you want because I am regretting this transfer to another rotten DSL company! But until I get a decent service from Destiny, Bayantel will continue getting flak from me. If it weren’t for your ineptitude, your CS department, this wouldn’t have happened to me!

And I will gather other blogger friends to write about these DSL companies! I will ask friends in major social networking sites to spread the word. These people don’t have any idea what a blogger like me will go to to get back my money’s worth. Mahirap kumita ng pera kaya magbigay kayo ng magandang serbisyo!

Thank goodness I am listening to Ne-Yo’s Closer the whole time I was writing this post otherwise I would surely have written something MORE.

I wish there is a decent DSL company here in Manila who can offer better services. GLOBE is good, I heard. But I don’t think my area is being serviced by their company. Too bad. And don’t tell me about SmartBRO. I will never get their services, yang Smart. Sorry sis. Your signal is just way too bad in this area.

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