Erratic DSL connection

My DSL connection is highly erratic once again. I don’t know if I should call Bayantel up again. I believe most of their customer service support there know me already. I have been calling them up from time to time since December because of the erratic connection. For the past week and a half, I didn’t encounter any problems. That’s after I called them up and ranted about their poor service once again. I am a good client, I pay on time and have been with them for a number of years now (the DSL connection though is almost 2 years only). I believe I deserve a better service than the one they are giving me. So the service went well after that call.

But here we go again. I lose connection every few minutes/hours. I will get continuous connection for a few hours and then it will get erratic again. I am tired of calling them up repeatedly just to get a better service. Do I really have to do this all the time?

You know, here in Manila, we only have a few internet service providers. The big ones are PLDT, Bayantel, Smart and Globe. There are cable providers like Destiny. Bayantel is one of the cheaper ones. I pay only 1,200 pesos per month for DSL and landline services. It will make you think that just because it is cheap we get poor service? I hear negative feedback about Smartbro and PLDT MyDSL. I guess there are negative feedbacks on all these providers.

I don’t know if I should just stick with Bayantel or try a new provider. I will ask around about Destiny. I use Destiny for our cable services.

DSL Connection Error 678

My Bayantel DSL connection was down the whole day. I tried connecting using dial up but the connection was so slow I was not able to finish anything except two pending tasks I have. I called up Bayantel to ask what went wrong and a tech support told me that their servers were down this morning. I was asked to wait for at least 4 hours before I try connecting again. But after around 2 hours, another tech support called me up telling me that everything was okay already and to try connecting again. I did and nothing happened. I get an Error 678 everytime I try to connect to Bayantel. I was told that they couldn’t see anything wrong on their end and that they will just dispatch a technician to check my modem.

A few minutes ago, I tried connecting again, hoping the connection is restored. Nothing happened. Error 678. In my frustration, I re-connected and while the modem is attempting reconnection, I slapped my table and guess what? It solved the problem! I got connected again! Hahaha

So that’s the solution to the Error 678 I get everytime I try to reconnect. A slap on the table top! lol

Happy Friday everyone! 😉

Internet speed

I am so darn tired of complaining to my service provider about my internet connection speed. You see, I am paying for up to 1258 kbps internet connection speed. My local provider is Bayantel. For a few days now, I have noticed the decline in the speed of my connection. I noticed that it takes a while before a blog loads that normally loads faster before. I complained at Bayantel’s customer service and they reset the modem. After that, the connection speed improved but after 30 minutes or so, it declined once more. And even right at this very moment, the connection speed I am getting is 1/6 of the speed that I am paying for. Let me just stress this one… I pay on time! There were months that I even paid in advance because I don’t want any hassle with my internet connection as this is the life of my work.

I complained again last night about this. And do you know what? All this time I did not know how to check my internet connection speed until the kind CS told me about this website…

Test your Internet connection speed at

They should have told me this a long time ago! I was relying on them to make sure everything was working fine. All this time, there are hours in a day that I am getting a measly portion of what I am paying for. This pisses me off big time! Wait until I get really mad at them and I will go to their office to give their officer a piece of my mind.Anyway, I have asked that a technician from Bayantel schedule a check up of my modem and other things related to my DSL connection. If the situation will not improve, then I will say goodbye to Bayantel. Any local DSL provider that you can recommend?

If you are experiencing the same slow connection and is doubtful about the internet connection speed that you are getting, check out because it will really give you an accurate speed of your connection.

*Note: This is not a paid review.

Who is…

This post is for all those bloggers like me who have their own domain and are oblivious to the fact that their personal information are plastered in the world wide web.

Yesterday, I was asking kuya/Br. Vince about this website wherein you can see information about the domain and its owner. It is called WHOIS, but we both lost the link to it and I am so lazy to google it, I just discarded the idea.

Then, I chance upon this website Smart PageRank SEO Tools that has a WHOIS in the list. Yey! I immediately checked Sasha-says and was annoyed to see my personal information I entered when I registered this domain. It was in my mind to check this one before but always forgets about it. I immediately contacted BigSkyMedia to ask if there is a way to remove/hide my personal information. And good thing it was acted on immediately. Kunsabagay mabait kasi ang BigSkyMedia talaga. Isang text or email lang okay na.

So check your cpanels, Ferdz of BigSkyMedia told me you can change to ‘private’ these information, so as to hide it even when others check WHOIS. Mine was changed to private and I checked this morning, it was tagged as such already.

There are people out there with nothing else to do but play pranks on other people. Saka your full name, address and telephone numbers (landline and cellphone) are listed there. You don’t want that in the hands of psychos right?

And the blogging continues…

I have been contemplating getting my own domain for the past few weeks now. But due to budget constraints, it took me sometime to be able to finally get one.

I paid for this domain last May 10th. Due to too much kaartehan on my part, I found a theme I like after days of searching and testing. And then I changed it again! Hahaha. Oh well, you know me. I will still be blogging at akoni from time to time. I cannot leave it so easily. I love that blog so much I almost have gotten a .info domain. Plus, I have more than enough paid posts that’s needed to be done and it’ll all be posted there.

By the way, you might be asking why “Sasha says…”? I’ve been talking about my life and everything related to it online for the past 3 years now. So when I was thinking of a domain name, I thought I should get something related to my personality. And talking to people, strangers included, is something inherent in me. Something I cannot change. Thus, the domain name 😉

I’ve merged both my blogspot and akoni posts here so when you dig into my archives, you’d find posts from both sites.

I’ve added a “What’s Hot on the Web?” page for updates on what’s the latest craze going on in the web. This is for my blogger friends and visitors who are lazy to search for these news. This will mostly be about problogging, improving site ranks, and the like.

Thanks to BigSkyMedia for the affordable hosting plans, Blog to Profit for the income I received with the referral fee that I used to pay for this domain, Cess for asking me about bandwidth and webspace and making me all excited about a new domain of my own and for suggesting this domain name.Thanks as well to ate Nalen aka Manilenya for telling me about BigSkyMedia during our EB. To Karen, Wendy, Mousey Ju and Ate Neng for the brainstorming. Hahaha. To kuya Br. Vince who told me all about the terms I am not familiar with. To Ferdz for patiently answering my questions.And most of all… to ate Ghee for being kind enough to let me continue blogging at akoni for a while until this site’s rank become stable.

And more…

Please visit my subhosted friends… Mousey. And soon to open >> Wendy and Ate Neng.

Welcome to my new home friends! I hope you get something out of visiting this place.

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