Intermittent DSL connection

I am getting so darn irritated with my DSL provider! My internet connection since the typhoon Basyang is intermittent! I can connect but after a minute or two, I will get disconnected. I reported it already but there’s no action yet. I think they want another first page bad write up Google search about them!

I swear your patience will ran out!

Calling Bayantel DSL!!!

PR update


There was a PR update a few days ago. Have you noticed any increase or decrease in your PR meter? Mine’s still the same. A big fat zero! What about you?

I am doing my best to get back my PR but, well, no luck yet. Maybe on the next update? Calling the big G of the world wide web!

Another rotten ISP company!

I had my Global Destiny cable internet connection cut. Permanently! The service is BAD! If you are thinking of getting their services, please don’t. Ask someone from your neighborhood if they are subscribed to the same service and ask them if they are satisfied with it. If yes, then try getting their services. But don’t say I didn’t warn you. They can’t give you a decent internet speed, even in the wee hours of the morning when there are only a few of you using their service.

I’ve emailed them, called them up, to complain about the speed. But it’s still the same. I tried them for a couple of months. And I tell you, I haven’t gotten a break from them! Always the same below 200kbps speed. Imagine that! I should have just gotten a dial-up connection! Cheaper and there are times when the connection becomes faster. Also, you should know that they don’t have a 24/7 customer service representative on standby. Oh, they will tell you they have. But believe me, your fingers will get numb from dialing their numbers again and again and it will only ring and ring and ring.

I don’t know why you can’t get a decent service from these internet service providers. Or is it just my rotten luck that I get to subscribe to these rotten DSL companies? Probably both!

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