Different style of robbery

Have you noticed how most robberies in the country nowadays end up with murder or too much violence? There are several dental clinics being targeted by robbers for the past few weeks now. You can watch one incident almost every night in the news. It is scary because you can just feel the desperation of these robbers. Even if they get cash, they still inflict harm on the victims. Nakakatakot sobra!

Let us try to secure our work place and most especially our homes. Do not be complacent. Always be on your guard. Remember that robbery that took place in a call center? Before one can get in a call center office, one needs to have an ID. But the robbers still managed to enter the premises and robbed the agents.

Let us all pray that robbery will lessen, if not stop altogether. Scary :(


Last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy hit close to home. Umali’s dad underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. Turned out that the cancer was already widespread in his body and undergoing surgery would be fatal. Still, since before the surgery the patient requested that the surgery be done no matter what, the doctors honored his wishes. As a result, he was put on life support after the surgery, there’s no more hope that he will wake up and recover. The cancer was never disclosed to Umali. Had he known, he would have advised against the surgery.

He angrily told the surgeons that they should have known better. It’s a waste of life because he would have enjoyed a few more months with the family.

The whole family, his mom and 2 brothers, were crying. They were advised that either they wait for him to wake up which is very unlikely or they take him out of life support. His organs are failing. They all turned to Umali, being a doctor himself. He was crying but he made a firm decision, they should take their father out of life support. It was really painful, he said, a machine breathing for you and all your organs dying.

He unplugged the machine.

When my mom was comatosed, we were told by the doctors that even if she wakes up, she’ll end up paralyzed and brain damaged. My dad didn’t want to decide so everyone turned to me and made me decide… do we unplug the life support then and there or wait for a few more days. I decided that we should unplug it. My mom’s eyes were wide open, she looked like she was breathing but in truth she was half dead already.

At exactly 9:30 in the morning of September 29, 2005, my mom was taken out of life support.

Euthanasia is still a big issue right now. I was against it before. But faced with the big question of whether you want your love one (my mom in my case) to suffer indefinitely or end her suffering for her, I finally understood the side of those pro-euthanasia. It was a hard decision to make. There’s a nagging doubt in your mind if you’re doing the right thing. What if she wakes up and recovers? But it was explained to us in detail how the massive organ failure affected my mom’s body and what is the consequence if she wakes up. I didn’t want to take that chance. I didn’t want to see my mom suffer even more.

Yes, I am pro-euthanasia now. I told my siblings that if ever the same thing happens to me, take me out of life support asap. My dad told us the same thing.

Your opinion may differ from mine now. But believe me, when you’re in the same situation, everything else will be different.

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