WAH Moments: Monday morning rush

When I was still working for a corporation more than a year ago, Monday morning was the worst period of the whole week for me. I would get up around 5am so that I could get a head start and begin a pep talk to myself that the week would be a good one for a change. You could just tell how I dread Monday mornings. And how I hated it and rushing to work!

Now that I work at home already, Monday mornings are something I look forward to. I normally start the day around 7 or 8am with a cup of coffee and then I would proceed with checking my emails and pending tasks. No more bad Monday morning rush for me. The rush I feel now is for the urge to go to work immediately. No more dreadful feeling on a Monday morning just because I hated my work.

Working at home has some benefits and this is one of those.

Happy Monday and have a great week everyone!

Note: Work-at-home (WAH) Moments will be posted twice a week starting today. It will be on a Monday and Friday.

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