For all of us…

We may not be mothers yet but in some way, we have been mothers to someone in our lives…
You might be a man but have been both a father and mother to your kids…
Moms, your children might be grown-ups now but rest assured that you are still their mom and they need you no matter what they say…
You may never know this, my dear mommy-blogger friends, but you’ve been a mom to me one way or another…

Tomorrow is a day for all of us. myspace graphic comments

Work in progress

Like my new blog look? I have wanted to change my blog look again for my 1st Blogoversary but this is not yet it. I am still thinking of a header and will be asking Vanessa to do it. For now, this will do.

Over the next few days, you will be seeing changes in color (perhaps) and other stuff in the sidebar. Notice I already joined Entrecard. I will also be putting my Twitter updates here. I will be cleaning my archives and will make a few changes in the way I categorize my posts.

This blog will now be concentrating more on community/society issues that I deem relevant, blogging issues, wordpress and wordpress themes, coffee talks that simply means conversation topics which I think are better done over a cup of coffee, and of course reviews. I will still join memes but will concentrate on Weekend Snapshot, Litratong Pinoy, Food Friday and That’s My Answer.

And, by the way, my blogroll will change. I will be notifying those I will retain and will concentrate more on those that truly visit. I will be adding a button display corner for those blogs I really like. No more Spott for me. They display porn-type of images. I will rant more about this in one of my next posts.

Okay, that’s it for now. Expect more changes here so pardon the mess if you ever encounter some and again, wait for my blog anniversary contest 🙂

Happy Sunday everyone!


Have you noticed the several PR updates that happened across the blogosphere the other day? Well I have! Imagine my surprise when I opened Sasha says and saw the Google toolbar in my Firefox browser went green in the PR side… PR2! Yeah baby!

I immediately checked it with a PR checker and yes, it said 2/10! Boy am I so glad!

God is really good!

Did your blog get an update as well?

After the slap, I was not really expecting an update anymore. But this is really a great gift. I must admit that the slap depressed me a bit when it happened. But hey, I tried to stay positive amidst it all. Hard but doable. And I did it.

Now all I can say is thank you and expect something new from this blog.

Sasha says’ 1st blogoversary will be on the 10th. And I will be announcing a contest by then. Plus this blog will be joining Entrecard very, very soon.

Happy Friday everyone!

Alexa ranking

Alexa ranking has been acting up for a few days now. It has been erratic in its ranking that most of my blogs have swinging ranks. I know that the rank changes daily. But the swing is really in big numbers. This blog for instance. I have been in the 120K for quite some time now. And then all of a sudden, despite the traffic, my Alexa rank dipped. I went to the 130K ranking. When I opened my blog today, it was already in the 230K ranks! That’s a 100K dip. Wow.

I also checked my other blog, My Own Utopia and the Alexa rank dipped by 300K! Ridiculous!

Have you experienced a big dip yourself?

What kind of values does Big Brother imparts to teens?

I have been watching Pinoy Big Brother, the local version of the popular reality tv franchise. I am just concerned over what the show imparts to the number of teens watching it thrice a day. My brother who is a 16-year-old teener watches it daily. He watches the noon time video streaming, the 5pm update Uber as well as the primetime show at 9pm. What alarms me is that the show has a verbally abusive father who shouts and curses at his son, Kevin, another housemate Josef and Josef’s aunt Anna. I have ranted about it here…

Have you seen the primetime show today? My goodness, if that is not a verbal abuse, I don’t know what is!

Another thing that alarmed me is the way another teen housemate, Ejay, cried just because he broke a glass. I believe it is totally bull to make a kid afraid because he broke a glass. The teener cried for crying out loud! It was just a glass. Yes, he needed to be reminded to be careful. But the poor guy thought he’s be punished because of the broken glass. I am not a psychologist but I do know there is an impact in the teen’s psychological well-being if he or she is being threatened with punishment just because he broke a glass or a plate or a vase. You can just feel Ejay’s concern over what he did.

Accidents happen. Next time, be careful.

Those should be the words uttered to the boy.

Umiinit talaga ang ulo ko sa Pinoy Big Brother na yan! Consider the following:

  • The teens interact with each other like they are truly fond of one another. And then come nomination time, they’d release pent up sentiments over their housemates. After nomination, they’d hug each other like there’s nothing wrong.

Shouldn’t the correct way to address this kind of situation is to talk it over with the person you are having these sentiments over?

  • It is good that you are part of a “love team” so that you will instantly get legions of fans just like previous PBB seasons.

I believe the main goal of the show is to showcase the Filipino trait, camaraderie, true emotions… and not to encourage nonstop flirting and showing of too much PDA on tv!

I sure do hope teens get something positive out of a show like this. And parents/guardians, please guide your kids when watching tv. You don’t know, a simple straight forward tv show can turn out to be a fountain of negative values for your kids.

Arranging your bookmarks toolbar

Starting today, whenever I come across something that I think will benefit me and another person or two, you will see this button and you’d know right away that I will be dishing out Tips and Tricks.

I love using the “Bookmark This Page” function of my browser. I use two browsers right now. Firefox and Opera. This Tips and Tricks post will be about using the Bookmark function in a Firefox browser.

Whenever I come across a web site or a blog that I like, I bookmark it. Sometimes five or so sites a day that I have a very long list of bookmarked sites. Honestly, I sometimes get confused why I bookmarked that particular site. Thanks to a blogging resource web site that I’ve come across today, I learned how to organize my bookmarked sites.


Click on the screenshot that I took to show you what I did to my Bookmarks Toolbar. I organized the sites that I bookmarked into folders. Yes, you can use folders in your bookmarks toolbar. Label your folders accordingly. I had mine as Fave (For sites that I love and would like to read daily), Check! (For sites that I need to check once more), WP (For anything wordpress related), Memes, Entrecard (Posts related to Entrecard as I am still thinking of whether to join or not) and Problogging (For anything related to making money online). Labeling your folder will make sure you don’t forget why you bookmarked a particular site.

Makes sense?

I hope I was able to teach you a thing or two about your Bookmarks Toolbar today.

Happy blogging!

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