I Met The Monk!

Aha! I already met the monk! The monk is Dom Lawrence, OSB, a monk-blogger I met a few weeks ago. Wow kuya, it WAS just a few weeks ago nga ano? And yet, it felt like we’ve been friends for so long…

So he went home for some family matters and have emailed and texted us that we ought to see each other nga raw. It was supposed to be last August 26, a Sunday, because the next day was a holiday. Unfortunately, I forgot about it. Hahahah… Di ko raw kasi hawak ang buhay ko… hawak daw ng blog ko buhay ko! Hahahah… Si kuya talaga! He met with ironnie and jeprocks. Sayang, met them na rin sana.

So we re-set our EB and saw each other last September 4 at The Block. We were supposed to see each other by 11am. We were texting and he said that he’s already at the MRT. 12nn, I was wondering what happened to him na. Duda ko naligaw… naligaw nga! Hahaha… I was laughing so hard when I got his text message… naligaw nga sya. Kasi naman sabi ko SM North Edsa, ang sinabi sa babae sa MRT SM West!!! Hahahah katawa talaga. And he was not even telling me that he didn’t know how to go to the place. Saka I didn’t know he’ll be coming from Cavite pa hehe.

Sabi ni kuya… It’s embarrassing to get lost in your own native land.

I still laugh whenever I remember that. So ang 11am namin naging 1pm. You’re probably thinking bakit naman kasi 11am, too early… kasi I got forewarned that kuya is makwento. So I figured, kulang 1 araw sa aming dalawa kung ganon! Hahaha… And I am right! Goodness, ang ingay namin sa Burgoo! We were laughing and mas nabusog ako sa tawa kesa sa kinain namin hahahah…

Si kuya, texting lang ang pahinga! As in promise! Hahahaha

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Reklamadora… not!

As much as possible, I don’t complain. I always think of a reason why something happened or is happening. That attitude is keeping me sane.

But for the past few days now, I am complaining to my dad that my back aches because I think my computer table is not where I want it to be. Finally, he heard my pleas of rearranging these two tables (my computer table and another desk). When I got home, he had shown proudly that he made a corner for me, a mini office. Hahahah… so happy!

Now I am enjoying this strategic location of my computer table… I can blog and watch tv at the same time! Hehehe

Goodbye back aches and thanks to my dad! 🙂

Hopping like a bunny!

I am fulfilling my promise of blog hopping for this week.

And wow, I didn’t know I have such a long list of blogger friends! I haven’t even gotten to a quarter of my blogroll yet… Kapagod hahahah… I have been reading some interesting posts and have gathered quite a bit of ideas from you people.

More blogs to visit…

See you!

My weeks in review…

Been too sickly for the past 2 weeks. Probably brought about by the changing weather and lack of sleep. Anyway, now I am much better and have dropped coffee from my daily drinks. I have been drinking sterilized milk since yesterday and have stopped drinking even hot choco and iced tea.

Anyway, this morning, Rho told me that when she opened my site something happened to her pc. So I thought of doing a site “renovation” for the nth time and have hidden some abubot as well as the long blogroll (it’s still there just click on the buttons). I hope you find my site a bit more organized than before. And thanks sis for reminding me to “clean” this site. Been meaning to do it for sometime now…

Sis Becca, Vera, Thess, and Bluepanjeet… already met kuya Lawrence last Tuesday! Hahaha… I will dedicate a post about it when he sends the pictures over. It was so much fun! I still laugh whenever I remember our kalokohans hahahah… We went to kuya Vince‘s place and then met Wendy and Karen. Too bad I was not able to meet ironnie and jeprocks. Stay tuned for the whole story 🙂

Lastly, thank you to everyone who kept on visiting even though I hardly bloghop these days. I will be visiting daily next week, that’s a promise. And to be able to keep up with my whole blogroll, I am designating 2 days a week for bloghopping only.

Happy weekend everyone! God bless!

Shame on me…

For not posting for almost a week!

I’ve been extremely busy. Extremely. And I’ve been busy with other things.


How are you, friends? I hope everybody’s doing great right now. My boss took a vacation leave for a week. She took advantage of the 2 consecutive long weekends and left a lot of tasks for me to do. It was all cool, though. Not complaining. For the first time I felt I am working once again hehehe…

Been whining about my job for some time now. I know you probably think that I should get a move on and do something about my situation than whine, right? But when you are in a position that a lot of people depends on you, you tend to push aside your personal happiness and think of others instead. And it sucks, believe me. There are days when I keep thinking I should have been a bit more selfish but then again you will realize that their happiness is your happiness as well. And then I’d feel ashamed for even thinking about being selfish and all.

So I am still here taking on a job I have grown to love and hate. But don’t get me wrong, hey. I am thankful I became what I am. Being a CPA brought so much joy to my parents, my grandparents and my relatives have been boasting that I am the first one in the family and would love to see cousins follow in my footsteps. You should have seen the joy in my parents’ eyes when they saw my name on the newspaper. That was and still is the happiest day of my life. My dad immediately told neighbors that I passed the board exams. He called up all our relatives hahaha… And my mom was crying all morning. It was her dream, you see. She just got pregnant with me and shifted to another course instead to make her schedule easier. I remember her telling me that I must study at UST and no other university and that I must take up Commerce (Accountancy now) and no other course. I remembered that we were having lunch that day, when my dad told me that I should take up Law to become a CPA-Lawyer. For a time, I contemplated taking up Law. But my mom was adamant that I not become a lawyer lest I go to hell and all hahaha… and I am too lazy I don’t know if I still have it in me to study that hard again. Plus, do I really want to make my life more complicated than it is? I don’t think so. Then again my dad is always dropping hints when he sees a lawyer on tv. Hahaha

Oh well, I think being a CPA is enough already. Besides, I am giving myself one more year as an employee and will be embarking on another adventure once things get settled.

Hay… I was just planning to update you on what’s happening to me right now this post became a longish post na. Should make up for the week I hadn’t posted an update.

Happy weekend everyone! Once again, enjoy the long weekend 🙂


Feel wasted right now. I am tired and my eyes are all puffy from lack of sleep. Can one feel wasted and happy at the same time? Probably. I do.

I am enjoying the bed weather right now. Feels good to just lie down on bed all day and do nothing. I still lack sleep so I am doing that after this.

So sorry been too busy doing sponsored posts I haven’t updated for days. I need some moolah because September is a big month for the family. 3 siblings will celebrate their birthdays (3rd, 19th and 26th of the month) and my mom’s death anniversary on the 29th. For the siblings, we will just probably go to dinner except on the 26th because that would be the youngest birthday. Might invite his friends over plus maglalambing yun for sure. And he’s been making parinig about a cellphone for months now. I might succumb to his parinig. As for my mom’s death anniversary (she died September 29, 2005), we will go to Bulacan and spend the day visiting her grave.

Regarding my mom’s grave, my dad and I regretted that we haven’t had her remains cremated instead. It would have been much better if we have her ashes at home or at nearby Mt. Carmel Church. So we’re actually thinking of having her remains exhumed and then cremated. A lot of families have done that already, according to the cemetery caretaker. But we’re still talking about it.


The metro’s flooded again. Our place is not flooded though but all the surrounding streets are. Anyway, for all of you going out, take care and be safe.

Happy long weekend everyone! Monday’s a non working holiday so enjoy the weekend. Be safe!

Chase, thanks for plugging my akoni site. Guys, I still need traffic for that site. Please visit it if you have time. Thanks much!

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