Last night’s episode of Grey’s Anatomy hit close to home. Umali’s dad underwent surgery to remove a cancerous tumor. Turned out that the cancer was already widespread in his body and undergoing surgery would be fatal. Still, since before the surgery the patient requested that the surgery be done no matter what, the doctors honored his wishes. As a result, he was put on life support after the surgery, there’s no more hope that he will wake up and recover. The cancer was never disclosed to Umali. Had he known, he would have advised against the surgery.

He angrily told the surgeons that they should have known better. It’s a waste of life because he would have enjoyed a few more months with the family.

The whole family, his mom and 2 brothers, were crying. They were advised that either they wait for him to wake up which is very unlikely or they take him out of life support. His organs are failing. They all turned to Umali, being a doctor himself. He was crying but he made a firm decision, they should take their father out of life support. It was really painful, he said, a machine breathing for you and all your organs dying.

He unplugged the machine.

When my mom was comatosed, we were told by the doctors that even if she wakes up, she’ll end up paralyzed and brain damaged. My dad didn’t want to decide so everyone turned to me and made me decide… do we unplug the life support then and there or wait for a few more days. I decided that we should unplug it. My mom’s eyes were wide open, she looked like she was breathing but in truth she was half dead already.

At exactly 9:30 in the morning of September 29, 2005, my mom was taken out of life support.

Euthanasia is still a big issue right now. I was against it before. But faced with the big question of whether you want your love one (my mom in my case) to suffer indefinitely or end her suffering for her, I finally understood the side of those pro-euthanasia. It was a hard decision to make. There’s a nagging doubt in your mind if you’re doing the right thing. What if she wakes up and recovers? But it was explained to us in detail how the massive organ failure affected my mom’s body and what is the consequence if she wakes up. I didn’t want to take that chance. I didn’t want to see my mom suffer even more.

Yes, I am pro-euthanasia now. I told my siblings that if ever the same thing happens to me, take me out of life support asap. My dad told us the same thing.

Your opinion may differ from mine now. But believe me, when you’re in the same situation, everything else will be different.

Saturday of fun

All of my life it seemed that something has been missing. I didn’t know what to do…
You opened the door, and let the sunshine in. My life will never be the same again…

You can’t stop smiling for the simple reason that you keep hearing this song play in your head over and over again. You look everywhere and only one face registers in your mind. And then that song again…

Now that I have you by The Company

You feel as if everything’s going to be alright. Everything will get better. You need not choose to be happy. Because you are happy. There is this giddy feeling inside you that has a life of its own. And you can’t suppress it. And you don’t want to.

This isn’t love. But a giddy feeling with a music humming and a life of its own.

I’m livin’ in a brighter world now that I have you.


Last Saturday night was one of the best nights of my life in a long while. I spent the latter part of the afternoon until the next day with my high school friends. It was so much fun! Oo, pakner, nagkita na nga kami ni Tonyo. Hehehe

We were laughing the whole time. Teriyaki Boy in Tomas Morato was witness to a lot of our get-togethers. Everytime we think of seeing each other, we automatically think of Teriyaki Boy, not because we love their food (well I love the sushi, maki and katsudon there), but mainly because it was there that we spent our first get-together. May sentimental value kumbaga πŸ™‚

Anthony, my one true love (hahaha joke lang na totoo), went home after 11 years in Canada. So he’s the reason we had a get-together. He contacted me and told me he wanted to see everyone. Always the organizer of get-togethers, I contacted everyone and arranged for us to meet nga. I was the early bird, as usual. Nainis nga ako. I told them that next time, I will make a grand entrance na. Hahaha. Nah, it’s a habit already, being on time. I always have this thinking na I’ll be missing something when I don’t arrive on time. Hahaha. And boy, would I miss a lot kung nahuli ako! πŸ˜‰

Basta it was so much fun! I even forgot PPP and blogging for a whole day.Β  πŸ˜‰

Happy Monday everyone and may all of us have a wonderful, blessed week ahead!

Let’s all choose to be happy today πŸ™‚

My Tatay

Where is tatay?

Very clever shot. Tatay is hidden talaga. EB at Gerry’s Grill.

And look how serious we were on the first pic. Hahaha

Love u tatay! πŸ™‚ Miss u te melai! At ingat sa pagbalik dyan sa gitnang silangan pakner!


I forgot to put this one kaya singit ko na…

Nakausap ko rin pala si itay kanina! Hahahaha… Nakakatuwa sobra!!!!!!!!

Yun lang πŸ˜‰


Speaking of tatay…

I had a serious talk with my (biological) dad last night during dinner. I told him everything about my love-hate relationship with accounting. I told him how much I want to leave the corporate world and how much I want my life to be simple and stress-free. I told him that had it not for my mom, I would have taken up a different course, etc. etc.

He asked me what I’m doing every night and why I stay up late. I told him about my online life and all. I told him that I am planning to enroll this coming November and I will shift professions.

And guess what??

He said yes!

I love my dad!!!

Naiiyak ako while writing this down. It’s different when you’ve made a decision and your parent(s) is supporting it 100%. I know how much they (my parents, esp. my dad) want a CFO for a daughter. I can’t. I really can’t. I’m not cut out for it. I probably can but I don’t want to. I want to live a bit longer than my mom. I don’t want to die early and not do the things I want to do. And doing accounting for another 5 years or so will kill me. No exaggeration.

I always tell my siblings (when my dad’s fast asleep already) that they need to relieve me of all my duties (financial mostly) when I turn 30. That would be by next year, August 2008. I need to have some time for myself and I believe I should start when I reach the big 3-0. I will travel anywhere I want to, I will do things I dare not try to because I have responsibilities, I will go someplace else and get to know ME a bit more.

This is one of the happiest days of my life πŸ™‚

Wishin’ and hopin’

Obviously, for those who’ve seen me already, I’m not a weight-conscious person. I am comfortable with who I am. I am confident that people won’t look at me physically, but would rather accept me for who I really am. Of course there are some people who will be different than the rest and I can’t help that anymore. I know for a fact that I can’t please everybody.

BUT there are times when I wish I am someone else. When insecurities would surface and make me want to be different from who I am.

He’s here right now. I just talked to him last night. APS… Hay… baket ngaun pa?? Hindi na lang sa 2008?? And I’ll see him this weekend. He wants to see me tomorrow night but I said sa weekend na lang. πŸ™


Before I started with BlogtoProfit (BTOP), I was wary of online money-making programs because I was thinking that it might be a scam or something. Until I was told by the Devilicious Queen that some are legitimate and she’s already making money out of it. She referred me to BTOP and has since applied, got approved and enjoyed (and made money from) all the programs I am enrolled with.

A couple of days ago, I got an offer to do freelance work for another writer. It’s mostly article rewriting. I didn’t take the offer because I realized that I don’t have time for it anymore. I’m normally wasted (read: cranky and irritable) in the morning mainly because I am a night person and I stay up late (til around 2am) every night. Taking the offer would mean I probably need to stay awake until 3 or 4am to finish the work. I can’t afford that. I need to be at the office around 10am.

It’s not a lot of money actually but then it’s a start and it might translate to a long-term business relationship with the writer.

So now I am wishing that I have more time to blog and less time for accounting hehe


You might be thinking that I haven’t visited your blogs for a long time now and yes, it’s true. I was busy with my other blog, making money and all. I was also moody the past couple of days and I normally don’t comment on posts when I don’t feel like it. I gather it would be much better to stay put and not bloghop until my sanity comes back.

And a couple of hours from now it’ll come back πŸ™‚

Happy Monday everyone! Payday weekend this coming Sat and Sun, yipee!!!


Shen has been my friend for over 15 years now. We became classmates in second year high school. We became friends, a part of a big group actually. We’re still friends until now. Hopefully for the rest of our lives.

Recently, we went to Trinoma to catch up with what’s happening in our lives. » Read more


I had a chance to chat with my girl friends, Che, Jing and Shen last April 29, after Tim’s wedding reception at the Coconut Palace. We were catching up on the events in each other’s lives and it was fun.

Che is now a registered nurse working at the Orthopedic Hospital. Her husband is working as well and their son, Von, is now 6 years old. Che is working so hard because her mother in law will finance her application to the US after a year. Che has a soft spot for the elderly. And she’ll be a very good nurse for those people because she’s naturally a caring person.

Jing is now working for Samsung Electronics. This girl has two kids already and you wouldn’t even believe it! She’s so sexy and fab! πŸ™‚

Shen, on the other hand, has been my topic in this post.

We all chatted the night away at Coffee Bean in Banawe. We waited for Che to get off her shift and we went our way past 1am.

It’s always fun to spend time with close friends, especially with your barkada.

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