Dealing with government agencies

Government offices tend to give you a headache when you try to call them up for information. Most of the personnel are either grouchy or just plain rude! I’ve encountered my fair share in some of the popular government agencies and GOCC’s for the past couple of years and I must say that with three presidents (P-Noy being the current one), there are no changes at all!

The only government agency (a GOCC, am I right?) that has pleasant personnel and one that you can really commend is PEZA. Oliver Reyes of PEZA, if he’s still there, was one of the most pleasant and helpful personnel I’ve dealt with while I was still working for a call center company. I took care of the company’s PEZA registration and periodic PEZA reports and every question I’ve asked of the guy was answered with as much information as he could inject in our conversation. See, I really remembered the guy’s name! That’s because he’s one of the few people who works (worked?) for the government who knows how to deal properly with those seeking their assistance. I must say that even their department head and co-workers were as pleasant as him. I just remembered Oliver’s name the most because he was the one assigned with the periodic PEZA reports.

To government personnel: There is nothing wrong with being pleasant, especially to those who approached you with courtesy and respect. I understand that persons working for the government are overworked and underpaid. But why stay if you are unhappy with your work? And since you are unhappy, you are annoyed at people seeking your assistance? There are even some of you who are downright rude!

Of course, let me say that there are a couple of government people I’ve dealt with who were very accommodating. Anyway…

If these two old women I’m dealing with in a government agency will continue to sit on my grandma’s death benefits, I will really write their names here, their commanding officer’s name, and their whole department in the Air Force! I will detail here how rude they are to me and how lazy they are!

I kept wondering what happens to those people dealing with this kind of government personnel who are timid. I guess it takes them months and months to get a benefit that should be processed in a day or two.

The danger of being a co-maker in a loan

I did a stupid thing five years ago: I became a co-maker in a co-worker’s loan. It was an act of kindness. Loans were extended to the employees of the company I was working for and since we’re in the Finance department, we were prioritized by the bank. So to race ahead of other employees, we signed loan forms right away. Since there were only four of us in Finance back then, we asked one another to become co-makers of each other. I was just unlucky to become the co-maker of this former staff of mine.

I, along with the other two of my Finance team, already paid the loan within the payment period given to us. Only one is still unpaid to date. My former staff, the one whose loan I was the co-maker of.

I thought she was able to pay off the loan two years ago. Apparently, after the last time I saw her, she stopped paying. Until I got a call yesterday from a lawyer handling her loan. This time around, I was lucky because my former staff is now working for one of my good friends. I was able to track her down easily. Today, she paid a percentage of her loan. I am monitoring her payments this time around. I was stupid not to have done this a long time ago. This time around, I won’t be the stupid one anymore.

I have an unsolicited advise to all of you (one I know most of you already know way back when): don’t be a co-maker to a loan! Because chances are, you will end up the loser in the whole deal. Unless, of course, you know the capacity of the person you are co-making a loan with. Otherwise, save yourself the headache and DON’T!

Minors in conflict with the law

According to the news, more and more minors are getting involved in crimes. The Alabang Boys, Jason Ivler, Ivan Padilla and his gang, Snake gang and so many others. Most of the kids involved in high profile crimes are even kids from rich families.

An expert was interviewed about it and she said that this is caused by many factors foremost of which is seeing these things from the elders around them. My take on this is… media and the lack of proper guidance by an authoritative figure in these kids’ lives. Add to it poverty and peer pressure.

It is actually very alarming considering these kids should have been the blessed ones, the ones who wouldn’t even think of committing crimes just for easy money. But they are and the gravity and frequency of these crimes are increasing.

I think parents, guardians, elders in the family and school authorities should double their efforts in monitoring kids. They now start young. And we can prevent this from happening if we are only open and more aware of what our kids are getting themselves into.

SONA of Pres. Benigno S. Aquino III in English

Speaker Feliciano Belmonte; Senate President Juan Ponce Enrile; Vice President Jejomar Binay, Chief Justice Renato Corona, Former Presidents Fidel Valdez Ramos and Joseph Ejercito Estrada; Members of the House of Representatives and the Senate; distinguished members of the diplomatic corps;

My beloved countrymen:

Our administration is facing a forked road. On one direction, decisions are made to protect the welfare of our people; to look after the interest of the majority; to have a firm grip on principles; and to be faithful to the public servant’s sworn oath to serve the country honestly.

This is the straight path. » Read more

Intermittent DSL connection

I am getting so darn irritated with my DSL provider! My internet connection since the typhoon Basyang is intermittent! I can connect but after a minute or two, I will get disconnected. I reported it already but there’s no action yet. I think they want another first page bad write up Google search about them!

I swear your patience will ran out!

Calling Bayantel DSL!!!

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